Sunday, December 1, 2013

Is This Real Life!

Hullo, Family!

So usually I will have 2 hours to write, but not today. Our Pday was switched to Thanksgiving this week, but today we have an hour to email our family AND the mission president! What is with that?! Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Okay so I am here! Funny thing.... it hasn't rained at. all. Every day is sunny! Cold, but sunny. Is this the Washington I have always heard about?! So we joke that I brought the Mexican sun with me.

I have two companions. Both are training me. Hermana Jaramillo (from Arizona--she's the only convert in her family) and Hermana Whalstrom (from Pennsylvania). Hermana J is leaving in December and I am SO SAD! I love her so much. They are both great. Guess what?! Hermana W is a Whovian AND a Nerdfighter!! How did I guess so lucky?! She was like "I like youtube...." and I was like "NO. WAY." It was pretty exciting. Let's be honest. 

So on the way here I had a great thought: We were flying in the airplane above the clouds and the sun was so beautiful and the sky so blue. Then we went through the clouds and it was gray (that was the only day I have been here that it was cloudy). So you know how we say "The sun will come out tomorrow"? Well the sun is ALWAYS out! Sometimes we just can't see it. But it is comforting to know that the sun is always just behind the clouds.

Okay so this is probably the best first weekend that any missionary can get ever. You won't believe this:
Friday-we had a branch fiesta for Thanksgiving. Including line dancing. Superb.
Saturday-ELDER BEDNAR CAME AND SPOKE TO US! For hours!!! That really happened!!! It was so, so great. It was like a question and answer and he was so funny and we learned so much.

And then.... I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM! Okay, I feel sort of bad because I totally piggybacked off of my hermana's hard work, but yeah! Her name is Maria and she is so great. General Authority and baptism all in one day. Best. day. Everett.

Okay so I know myself pretty well. And I knew that I was going to struggle knocking doors. Lo and behold, I did. Still do a bit. My tongue freezes and my chest knots up and it's uncomfortable. But here is the trick: you just do it. Just speak. And some people are mean, but most that I met are pretty nice-ish. There is a reason why I was called to teach in the Spanish language. I love knocking in the lower income apartments because people are so. much. nicer. So much nicer. I love them so much! So far I have met this really odd gay man, people from the Marshal Islands, Chinese people, a Native American woman who insisted we watch this funeral video, arabs, Indians, people from Nepal, and Mexicans. After a lot of tracting, we finally found a new investigator yesterday! We are planning to teach him on Saturday, and I pray that happens because he's really cool and super prepared.

I love the branch! They are so warm and welcoming and I love them so much. We have 9 missionaries for our branch of about 80. We're going to see some miracles! Oh, I guess I should tell you I'm in North Everett. The city. So there are trees, but not a ridiculous amount.

On the plane I sat next to a woman who was raised a Nazarite. She had problems with hypocrisy in churches. We talked for a long time and I bore my testimony to her of the Restoration. When I did, it was like my voice wasn't coming from me. It was awesome!

I'm trying to hard to be happy and positive and hard working! Satan is so mean and is trying all the time to get in my head. He knows that I have a deep fear of rejection and he uses it on me all the time. But testifying is like ripping off a bandaid. The worry beforehand is so much worse than the actual thing. After I bear my testimony, no matter what the person says, I feel warm and happy. It is when I let my fear get the best of me that it is hard. I just have to remember that. I pray that I can become the missionary who the Lord needs me to become!

So much love,
Hermana Pellegrini

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