Friday, December 20, 2013

Maria Para Siempre

Hola, mi familia!

I was happy to read all your letters! 

Okay so last week we went to Boeing! It is where they make airplanes. It is the largest building volume-wise in the world! Super, super huge. I pass it like every day. We couldn't take pictures though. :( But it was fun! It reawakened my dream to be a tour guide. 

So we had a district blitz on Tuesday. That is when a whole district (9 of us) work in one area. And it was in ours! It was AWESOME!!! We found 4 new investigators that day. It was so much fun! The last house my group went to was super weird. I can't really explain it.... sometimes it is just so surprising to see the way that people live!

So once a week we have to weekly plan. That takes a couple hours and we always get distracted. But if we do it at a fast food place, then we don't get distracted! So we went to a place called Ivar's. It is a Washington-based seafood place and it was good! I got clam chowder in a bread bowl, obviously. It was pretty good, but not awesome awesome. We sat there for hours and when we left we smelled like fish. Haha. 

Soooooo there is this funny thing called "being in a Spanish branch". I don't know if I mentioned this, but we have a choir. It is so. funny. Okay, I can't sing, right? Like, I do, but I'm not noticeably good. Well, I'm one of the best in the choir. That gives you an idea of what this thing is like. Sometimes..... Mexican women are tone deaf. And they like to argue in rapid-spanish about what they think we should do in a song. It is so. funny. There is this one hermana who is like 65 years old. We were supposed to wear red and black to perform, and someone didn't. So this old hermana was like "Hermana so-and-so wants to sing with us, but she can't. She isn't wearing red." And it was so funny! It was like Mean Girls: Latino Edition. "You can't sit with us! On Wednesdays we wear pink." Bahaha.

So some members took us out for asian food this week. The hermana told us a little about her life... she always looks so calm and content, but they things she has gone through! It's so sad! You really can never tell what people are going through. Everyone has trials. So we can't use our trials or personal problems as an excuse to lead less-than-great lives. Because we all have to fight through something.

We're teaching a woman who is basically a Jehovah's Witness. Suffice to say that every lesson is filled with lots of questions. We try to keep the Spirit!

Okay so here is why I named this email what I did:
On Saturday we visited a recent convert and his family. They have this tiny little apartment that was super super messy. They wouldn't let us in until they cleaned it a little bit. :) We taught the kids the Christmas story. And guess who was Mary?! Me! My companions knew I am always Mary at home and so they wanted me to continue the tradition. I will attach the picture. It was pretty funny! The youngest son, JoJo, didn't want to be anything except for a chicken. He was a really, really good chicken. But he needed to be a Wise Man, so we told him that a wise man was a king. And he said "I am king of the chickens!" So the king of the chickens brought baby Jesus a gift. So cute!

There were 3 baptisms in the branch on Saturday! That was great. Afterward the lady invited us over to her house for a fiesta and it was SO fun! Mexican food, salsa, seven of us missionaries, and a bunch of people from the branch. All in this apartment. So, so much fun.

1. So you killed off Sister Jarimillo this week... how did that go? 
It is actually this week. Tomorrow. I can't talk about it or I will start crying! She is the BESTTTT.

3. Any fantastic insights from Preach My Gospel lately?
Here is a really easy way to work on charity: Just never allow yourself to say something not nice about someone. Not even if it is true. Take some advice from Thumper. "If you can't say something nice..." Just don't say it!

4.What would you advise we study spiritually over this holiday break to stay in the spirit of Christmas?
Oh man... I've only been out 2 months! I'm not a spiritual sage yet! Personally, I'm not a big fan of big, marvelous Christmas hymns or programs. Christ is my best friend and my brother. I think it is always nice to keep the Christmas spirit by just remembering all the time he as helped you. Write them out if you haven't. Write how you felt when you felt his love.

5. What is the best thing you have learned about people so far? 
These are hard questions! Probably that a lot of people are worried about us and want us to be safe. Even if they aren't interested, they always tell us to be careful. Being women, and all. They are afraid we'll get hurt. It always makes me grateful when people express a concern for us.

I love you a lot! See y'all next week!!!

Hermana Pellegrini

P.S. I just remembered a story!
So Hermana Jarimillo is leaving, right? So she wanted to visit some less actives that used to be in her area. (They split our area the day I came- we were whitewashing, basically). So we were supposed to text our District Leader that we were going onto Casino Road. We forgot. So we're all the door of this apartment and Hermana J goes "We forgot to text Elder Crowley! We'll text him after this." So we go in and we're talking. And then we hear a knock at the door. Elder Crowley's signature knock. And we all freeze. Of ALL the people he visits, he happens to be on exchanges on Casino Road THAT day and at THAT time. So we're like whispering to this member to not let him in. This is what happens when you aren't obedient, people!!!! Don't do it because you WILL be caught sooner or later!!!!! Haha anyway we ended up telling him and he just laughed. It turned out okay. But lesson. learned. :)

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