Sunday, March 2, 2014


I will be the first one to day that I am not a big football fan. But. THE SEAHAWKS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!

When we were driving around during the game yesterday, I called it "The Day Washington Stood Still." We were basically the only car on the road. Everyone was watching the game! I found it funny/sad that it was totally acceptable to close your business for the big game. But the Seahawks won it! They are officially my football team. And this doesn't count as bandwagoning because I live here, thank you very much! We had to be in at 6 last night to protect ourselves from drunk drivers. I had a lot to do, but Hermana Wahlstrom was pretty bored. She was begging me to think of games we could play. We literally played cats-cradle and pick-up sticks. I told her to write in her journal, but yeah. We're still working on that for her. :)

Anyway, along with the Seahawks winning, we crashed a superbowl party! It's really "our thing" to do: Crash Latinos' parties. Birthday parties, superbowl parties, weddings. We want to do a quincenera sometime. :)

 This week was good. I learned how to make salsa and really good guacamole and taquitos! And someone gave us a pan dulce bigger than my face! Daniela and her husband Romero acceptable the non-committal baptismal invitation. They still love the Book of Mormon. :) We love them. 

I love you and hope to hear from you all soon!
Hermana Pellegrini

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