Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello out there!

Well, this week has definitely been a whirlwind! It was week 6 of the transfer... which means transfers are tomorrow! I'm getting transferred! Crazy. The only place I have been is in Everett. It'll be weird to serve somewhere else. But it'll be good. I know these streets a little too well. You know it's time to go when like every hispanic person you talk to is like "Yeah, I know you. You've already talked to me when I was at my friend's house/on the street/at work." Haha. :)

Hmmmmmmm what happened this week? Got some new investigators... dropped some other investigators..... yep yep yep.
We got a really good member referral. Her name is Evett. She really really wants to learn about the gospel. She came to the relief society activity on Saturday and brought her kids to church on Sunday! All three hours! We were really happy. We love her. :)
OH!!!!! Guess what? Last Monday our tires got slashed! Yeah we were at the library to help teach an English class. We came out of the library and our tires were slashed! Crazy! We were pretty excited. The APs had to come and help us out. We got a big van for a day when our tires got changed. We had to fill out a police report and everything! It was crazy. :) I will attach a picture.

Did I tell you? A member from another branch opened a restaurant in our area. So we go eat their sometimes and it is sooooo good. Real tortas and tacos and everything. Mmmmm I love it. On that note, I made Mexican rice by myself for the first time! It turned out okay.
We got to go to a baptism in Mount Vernon because Hermana Martinez helped teach the family. It was so fun to be out in the country! Hermana Luna drove us. She's not a member, but her son is. And she will be! One day. We're working on it. I love her so much! I'll attach a picture of us together.
It is spring here and a lot of the trees are budding. There are these bushes that have these sort-of roses on them. I love them so much!

There is a less active family that I love. The mom is English and the dad is Mexican. I love love love Tonya. She's been through so much!! She's trying her hardest though. So we went over there and she was so sweet! She gave me bows for my hair. :)
I've gotten into a habit of saying "gracias" even when people aren't speaking to me in Spanish. Oops!
Martin found some anti-mormon stuff. Heartbreak. This is just his test of faith, I guess.
I don't really have much to say, sorry! I love you though!

Hermana Pellegrini

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  1. For someone who just got her tires slashed, you seem pretty chill will it! Perhaps you can chalk this one up on the "crazy experience" file? Perhaps the smell of spring perked you up. This could have been different if this happened during the cold, miserable winter. Good thing it didn't! It was fortunate that they didn't pursue doing something else like breaking your windows and such. I hope your new tires didn't set you back that much!

    Maria Valencia @ Mexican Tires and Services