Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Hate Legal Holidays

Legal Holidays mean that the libraries are closed. I hate this fact. So I only have an hour to email today and I'm SO SORRY if I don't get to your emails! But I will try. Please email me even if I don't get a chance to email you!

Okay so I am still in Everett North Spanish. Home sweet home. Hermana Wahlstrom went up to Marysville. Not far. My new companion is.... Hermana Martinez! I wish I had a picture of us, but we keep forgetting to take one. She's gorgeous and so sweet. And guess what?! She's from Mexico! La ciudad de Mexico. El Jefe. So she is going to help me a TON with my Spanish. And of course, the members adore her. They feel a kinship with her. So it's great. :) I was SO SO sad to say goodbye to Hermana Wahlstrom! It was like doing missionary work with myself. We have different personalities, but the same interests. I can't believe I was lucky enough to have a companion who was just as geeky as I am. We had a lot of good times. But I already loveeeeee Hermana Martinez and we are going to have a lot of success! I just know it! She knows how to work and she loves to work hard. So we spend a lot of time out in the rain. But thank goodness we have a car! The other hermanas in our branch just had to give up their car and now they are on bike. I am SO grateful for my car. It is a warm refuge at the end of a long afternoon. 

Fun fact- we met some new potential investigators. The daughter's name is Kimberly. It's always funny to me when I meet someone named Kimberly because I get so excited! The mom's name: Noelia. Kimberly & Noelia. What?! Little do they know... that's basically my name. :)

We're working with all our investigators. Daniela is praying for an answer and reading the book of mormon and we are just praying for her so hard! She wants it to be true. She just needs to recognize that the fruits of the Spirit are leading her down the right path! Martin came to church on Sunday! And he has a baptismal date! we haven't taught the law of chastity, word of wisdom, or law of tithing. *cries a little.* The thing is that I want people to LOVE the gospel. I want people to grow their faith and desire to follow Christ. And then once they have that they can see that the commandments are to HELP them. And they can test their faith by living the commandments. But it'll be crazy teaching him those things. He likes to party. Our last lesson with him he was hungover. Anywayyyyyyyy hopefully that goes well.

What can we do to boost you up?
Mom sent me a postcard and I love it! I love getting mail!

How are you cooking/budgeting skills being affected by this mission?
We are starting eating healthy this week. It cost more to buy all the vegetables and such, but I'm super sick of cup-o-noodles. We get creative with what we eat though. By the way- our mexican hot chocolate was SO good and so easy and I'm never going back to normal hot chocolate. Abuelita all the way.

What is your favorite age range to teach and why?
Favorite age-range: not Jehovah's witness. hahahaha. No honestly I don't car what age they are. I like them all. Kids are great. Adults are great. Old people are great.

What is one of the most interesting homes you have been in and why?
I love the home of Hermana Luna. She's not a member but her son is. She went to college for interior design and it is just so cute! She paints flowers on her walls and there are sunflower decorations everywhere. But in a really hispanic way and not cheesy. Her home is all small and cozy. She has DiVinci prints on the walls and her husband loves the Beatles and so there is Beatles memorabilia. Obviously this is my favorite house. I want to live there.

How can we be better member missionaries here at home?
Just be welcoming! Don't wait for someone to introduce themselves to you. Introduce yourself. I think there should be a rule in Relief Society that the first person sits in the first seat in the front row, the second person in the second, and so forth. No empty seats! That goes for school, too. Life would be better if we all did that. :)

I want to get to all of your emails, so I'll end this one right now. I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support and prayers!

Hermana Pellegrini

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