Sunday, March 2, 2014

There is Hope for Me Yet!


There is this song that I really, really like. I listen to it probably every day. This is what the chorus says: "There is hope for me yet/ because God won't forget/ all the plans He's made for me/ I'll have to wait and see/ He's not finished with me yet." Man, I love that song. The bridge says: "Still wondering why I'm here/ still wrestling with my fear/ but oh, he's up to something/ And the further on I go/ I've seen enough to know/ that I'm not here for nothing/ He's up to something." Love it.

Well, as opposed to last week, I have SO MUCH TIME TO EMAIL YOU THIS WEEK. So much time.

I actually got a picture of me and Hermana Martinez this week, so I'll attach that. We learned to make tamales! With corn husks. Next week I should be learning how to make the banana leaf ones *fingers crossed* which will be super awesome, too. And I learned to make mole yesterday. That is pronounced mol-lay and I love it. It's like chocolate for dinner. Mmmmmmmm. So basically my children are going to be real Mexicans. Tamales was super fun and super easy-- you just need a lot of people! Or even just a couple. By yourself it would take forever.

Well, nothing much to report! Lots of rain. Did I tell you in the last email that it hailed? Because it did. Counting our many blessings that we have a car! And other awesome thing-- the sun is staying up longer! At one point it was dark at 4 pm. Now it's pretty normal timing. In the middle of the summer it will still be light after 9 pm! Crazy! 

Martin is still progressing to baptism. Thanks for your prayers for our investigators, because he needs it. He has a hard job and he always drinks coffee in the morning, but after we taught him the Word of Wisdom he stopped drinking coffee! Please keep praying for him because his family loves loves to party and drink beer. On Saturday he had to get up at 3 a.m. for work and he chose to drink hot chocolate instead of coffee. I'm so happy. :) 

We also went and visited a baby that had just been born! His dad, Adrian, is a son of one of our investigators. Adrian is 17 and so is his girlfriend. We went and saw the baby when he was 12 hours old! But we walked into the room and it was like we were totally intruding on a family thing. Awkwardddddddd. I wanted to awkward-moonwalk out of there so fast! But I mean, we were invited, so yeah. :)

I think it is funny you got a dog because I probably say this sentence about every other day: "I will never, never have a dog." Honestly. When we knock on a door and I hear any type of barking I die a little inside. So please train Kody to not bark at the door.

So I have been praying every day for grace. To enable the power of the Atonement so that I can overcome my natural tendencies and respond in the way that Christ would respond. Saturday was one of those days when everything falls apart. Your investigators are "in the shower" for the 50th time in a row, you have to drop other people, no one is home, and it's cold. But amazingly, I was happy. There were some moments when my heart broke. But I still felt this little sunshine in my heart warming me from the inside out. And that is the grace of God. He makes me happy when skies are gray. 

I also thought about how Christ is the perfect judge. I think that ties in with how Christ looks on our hearts instead of our stature. If I want to be able to judge what other people need to increase their faith in Christ, then I need to look on their hearts instead of their outward situation. So that just means I have to have charity, and if I have charity then I can discern.

So what is your favorite phrase to say in Spanish? 
Que le pasa, calabasa? I think it's so funny. :) It's like how we say "see you later, alligator." but it's "what's up, pumpkin?" And no one really says it. I say it to babies and the members laugh at me.

Have you found any interesting places to eat?
It's all pretty normal up here. My favorite thing to do is cook. 

How are your investigators doing?
Fine. It's a constant process of finding and teaching and finding some more. Sifting the wheat from the tares. Daniela went to Catholic mass with her mom yesterday to see if she felt like that was the church for her. Gahhhh so we'll see how that went when we talk to her tonight.

Are you getting tired of dresses yet??
I will never get tired of dresses. Am I tired to MY dresses? Yes. I wish I had more! 

This week is going to be crazy because every week is. I don't know what's going to happen tonight or tomorrow or the next day. Scary, but exciting. So hopefully I have more stories for you and getting better and happier next week. 

I love you!
Hermana Pellegrini
 This is an old picture, but I'm not sure if I sent it. Our area is right on the water next to a naval base. It's pretty cool. But we don't go over there much because no people that speak Spanish live by the waterfront.

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