My name is Kimberly Pellegrini, and I'm The Girl in the Dress.
(I didn't wear a pair of pants until I was forced to when I learned to ride a bike. Now, I still prefer dresses.)
I love lilacs, Baroque art, and Ukrainian chocolate.
I'm a Doctor Who, LOST, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Downton, and Avatar fan.
I like indie music but I don't pretend to be hipster.
I'm obsessed with baseball.
I dance ballet and embrace that I'm absolutely awful at it.
I love to balance things on my head and I am currently learning morse code.
If you don't love me, that's fine. I love who I am and I know I have people who love me, too.
I'll never stop trying to improve myself, and I can feel myself getting better each day.
I hope my stories help you in some way. That's my goal and the reason I write. If you say "I feel just like that, but I've never had the words to say so." then this blog was all worth it.